FocusMedia uses high-definition LCDs as the media platform, strategically placed in high-traffic areas ensuring that advertisements can reach the target market at places uncluttered by other forms of media.

The heart of the rapid transport system, the Light Rail Transit (LRT), is covered by FocusMedia.



Focus Media Holding Ltd.'s (FMCN) fourth-quarter profit rose 60% as the Chinese digital-advertising company saw stronger LCD display and poster frame network revenue.


Why FocusMedia?

     FocusMedia reaches the consumers where traditional media cannot. As such, it works as an efficient complement to TV, print or radio advertising. We will help you cover the bases so you could effectively reach the people who matters to you.

  • High Reach

     FocusMedia has the biggest network and has the most number of quality buildings and sites. The current gross impression (duplicated people) of the Commercial Location Network alone is more than 6 million weekly. That is how much FocusMedia can magnify the effects of your advertising investment.

  • Appealing Advertising Channel

The high awareness and attention towards the FocusMedia installations are manifested in the following:

    1. Nearly 100% are aware of the installations, most especially in the Commercial Location Network sites
    2. The adverts are seen several times a day
    3.  High exposure of target market to the adverts
    4. Viewer attentiveness rates are very high
    5.  97% expressed satisfaction over the installations
  • Captive Environment with High-Recall Reach

     We place our media network in areas void of other stimulants, and the target market is faced with idle time. Research shows that 95% of the viewers are impressed with the adverts and find them appealing.

     According to a syndicated study, several brands have shown a 9 to 18% increase in brand awareness, after just 2 weeks of airing adverts in FocusMedia. These brands were in different market standings – dominant market leader, or with poor top of mind share. This shows that whatever state of mind your brand may be in, FocusMedia can help your brand increase impressions.

     FocusMedia emerged as the second media of choice where test ads were viewed true a testament of effective reach. Also, there was significant unaided and aided recall on test ads.

     Excellent actual engaging or watching time and the high frequency that the ads are shown greatly contributed to the above results, according to a Nielsen Media Research Study. Repeat is also the key for effective reach. Our guaranteed 400 spots per week increase the frequency of reaching your target market.

  • Competitive Cost per Thousand Reach (CPM)

     CPM of FocusMedia network is competitive based on the reach and the cost – higher rates at a lower cost drives the ad investment low. Thus, CPM of our 30-seconder ad time slots is much lower than the traditional TV and Print CPM. We value the investments of our valued clients, so we at FocusMedia work hard at maximizing your media budget.

  • Complementary to Traditional Media

     FocusMedia lets brand target consumers numerous times throughout the day, unlike TV which can only reach viewers when they stay at home, or come at night. A combination of both allows advertisers to bring information to consumers at different times and locations, thus strengthening brand relationship and encouraging purchase.

     Our media also targets consumers with higher-than average disposable income – those whose lifestyles make them difficult to reach by traditional media. FocusMedia, in tandem with traditional media enables advertisers to maximize their media budget.