FocusMedia uses high-definition LCDs as the media platform, strategically placed in high-traffic areas ensuring that advertisements can reach the target market at places uncluttered by other forms of media.

The heart of the rapid transport system, the Light Rail Transit (LRT), is covered by FocusMedia.



Focus Media Holding Ltd.'s (FMCN) fourth-quarter profit rose 60% as the Chinese digital-advertising company saw stronger LCD display and poster frame network revenue.


Value-Added Services

We offer an assortment of value-added services, parallel to the adverts running in the networks. These add-ons serve as complements that go together with advertising placements.

  • Multimedia Services
We have the capability of assisting you in making your multimedia and advertising materials. Our team of multimedia experts will develop what you want for your brand.

  • Research Projects
We carry out quantitative and qualitative research projects done by either our in-house research team or trusted partners for you.  This is geared towards supporting marketing services.

  • On-Ground Activation Campaigns
FocusMedia widens its services’ reach by doing on-ground activation projects and campaigns for your products and brands.  The wide network of FocusMedia lets you implement activation campaigns directly aimed at your market.

  • Project Conceptualization
We generate ideas for your campaign.  Whether it be research, on-ground activation, trial campaigns or marketing approach to best sell your product or brand, our Marketing Team is on-hand to deliver options for you. Tell us what you want achieved and we will think of bright ideas for you to choose from.

  • Events Management in Network Sites
We can be your partner in doing events.  Should you have activities you want to implement in the wide network sites we have, we can be your outsourced partner in doing it from you.  From concept to implementation, we can carry out small-scale to big-scale projects, especially for you.