FocusMedia uses high-definition LCDs as the media platform, strategically placed in high-traffic areas ensuring that advertisements can reach the target market at places uncluttered by other forms of media.

The heart of the rapid transport system, the Light Rail Transit (LRT), is covered by FocusMedia.



Focus Media Holding Ltd.'s (FMCN) fourth-quarter profit rose 60% as the Chinese digital-advertising company saw stronger LCD display and poster frame network revenue.


Advertising Spots

Using the LCDs for advertising networks, FocusMedia’s main service offering is advertising spots. Literally, this means the amount of advertising time your campaign runs in the network.

The usual length of FocusMedia loops run for 9-12 minutes.

       • 60-sec spot. Advertising the 60-seconder spot advert can communicate more information.  It also offers increased standout. This is best  for creating “talkability” strategy

       • 30-sec spot. Advertising the advert that lasts 30 seconds.  This one makes an advert have real stand out in the broadcast.

       • 15-sec spot. Advertising one of the traditional advertising lengths for FocusMedia, the 15-seconder spot makes the material a standout if the creative is strong.

       • 10-sec spot. Advertising highly-impactful 10-seconder spots make adverts achieve cost efficiencies not possible with longer time exposures.

       • 5-sec spot. Advertising shorter version of ads, such as the 5-seconders are used an triggers or teasers, enabling viewers to look forward to its extended form.